About us

We’re a boutique agency made of thinkers, strategists, producers, designers, combining creative minds and technical expertise. A team of experts wearing many hats to anticipate our client’s needs and exceed their expectations. We craft experiences to make them unique and memorable. We listen to our client needs, put all our skills and care in each project, with attention to detail and focus on results. Heart, hands, mind work together: this is our philosophy and what makes the difference in what we do.


Our mission is to create emotions and help our clients – companies or private individuals – in conceiving unforgettable experiences for their public. Regardless of the medium or platform chosen, our goal is to deliver a message that sticks with the audience long after the event is over. Know-how, innovation, and continuous training are the features that set us apart. Always up to date with big and small changes in the communication world, Rodex tries to be a point of reference in the development of projects that are able to integrate offline strategies with digital and unconventional practices.

Our Soul

RODEX diminutive for Laura Rodeschini was formed 20 years ago.
Laura, born in 1972 is Bergamo-Emilia mix … “stubborn and determined like the Bergamaschi, goliardic and funny like the Emilian “…. here is the secret of 25 years of tireless work, but also of great satisfactions collected.
Creative and imaginative, pragmatic and tenacious, she dedicates herself first to communication and then to events.
Her passion and dream, today as then, have become her job.
She loves to create tailor-made projects, in which her hands, mind, and heart travel in unison.
Each project takes shape also thanks to her innate ability to weave relationships, making it a system for the success of each and every event.

We Craft

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Our Services

We are focus on tailor-made experiences, events and digital strategies.

We offer seamless solutions, handling the whole process, from concept design and art direction to logistics and final production; every single steps has been studied in detail.

Our main fields are lifestyle and luxury, design and architecture, food & beverage, culture and travel.

Tailor Made Experiences

In recent years, Rodex has specialized in organizing unique experiences and events capable of telling the story of territory, art, design, and Italian food.
Through careful and high-level scouting, Rodex can offer customers personalized and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Private and Corporate Events

The long-standing experience in the organization of events has made Rodex a point of reference in the world of corporate and private events.
The attention to detail and the continuous research in the offer of unique and exciting experiences make Rodex’s job a distinctive signature.

Digital Strategies

In when digital becomes essential, Rodex meets the new market needs thanks to a new team and network of professionals.


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Communication Agency

We’re a boutique agency made of thinkers, strategists, producers, designers, combining creative minds and technical expertise. A team of experts wearing many hats.


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